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  • October 2013 CE Announced
    New developments in both materials science and manufacturing methods have combined to alter the ceramic landscape. The first part of this program will review relevant science as it pertains to clinical [...]
  • September CE Announced
    Please join us for "The Removable Renaissance" presented by Dr. Lary George, Jr., DDS, MS. The seminar will be at theVerizon Wireless Center in Mankato, MN on September 27, 2012. [...]
  • Witness the Latest in Digital Scanning
    Our new laser scanner improves fit and reduces seating time resulting in some lab fees being reduced as a result of the optimized processing. Dentists report minimal adjustments and reduced seating [...]

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About Wornson-Polzin

Worson-Polzin has been making dental restorations since 1939. It’s easy to see that a lot of things have changed over the years. But while technology has evolved, our commitment to serving dentistry has remained.

We seek the trust and confidence of dentists by speaking honestly, and delivering more than is promised. At Worson-Polzin we believe in the team approach to solving occasional technical difficulties by finding solutions to any challenges as they arise. And our team of technicians and managers are ready to assist you and your staff when needed. Our goal is to form long-term relationships that lead to practice and patient success.

Using the best technology and ADA/FDA accepted materials, we provide the most reliable restorations, all made in the USA.

This philosophy has allowed us to create a business that has lasted for over 70 years.

Please call today to learn how Wornsin-Polzin might assist your dental practice and your patients.

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